Why Wage Subsidy Programs Provide Quality Employment Opportunities

Jennifer Schultz | May-30-14

Wage subsidy programs are formal programs that provide payment to employers to help cover the costs of wages and training. They encourage the hiring of people from specific groups, such as students and recent graduates and their ultimate goal is to foster long-term employment.
With the high rate of youth unemployment and strong skill shortages in the environmental sector, wage subsidy programs can offer a win-win solution for both employers and young professionals.  Learn why wage subsidy programs foster quality employment opportunities.


Benefits for Employers

Reduce your Wage Costs 

For many companies, the decision to hire a new or recent graduate is not always easy. While you may want to add a skilled, eager professional to help your organization complete a project or alleviate labour pressures, you may be reluctant to provide a new salary. 
Whether you’re a large or small organization, wage subsidy programs can help alleviate that financial pressure, putting your perfect candidate in reach.  
Many programs offer a significant subsidy, for example, the International Environmental Youth Corps (IEYC) program provides a wage subsidy of up to $12,000 to eligible organizations.
But you should also be aware of any program deadlines to maximize your subsidy amount. Funding is typically provided on a first-come, first serve basis and may only be available for a limited time.  


Add a Quality, Long-term Employee

As wage subsidy programs aim to foster long-term employment, many of them require employers to plan and invest in their employee’s professional development.  Your new hire may be brought in to work on a special project at first, but you may end up with a skilled, enthusiastic employee you’ll want to retain and continue to invest in.
In fact, the overwhelming majority (over 95%) of past employers who participated in the IEYC program felt their new hire met or exceeded their expectations. 
Wage subsidy programs also follow traditional hiring practices, where employers will publicly post for the position and recruit the most qualified candidate.  Plus, these positions are also likely to be highly competitive, bringing in high-achievers who are motivated, organized and willing to learn.  
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Benefits for Young Professionals

Find Full-Time, Paid Employment

As a recent grad, you are highly motivated and eager to show an environmental employer your knowledge and skills. You’re looking to bring fresh insight and new ideas, while gaining substantial work experience in your field.
Both paid and unpaid internships can help you get experience. But given the chance, wouldn’t you prefer to get paid and land a permanent position?
With wage subsidy programs like the IEYC Program, employers may be more likely to hire you if they can find an easy way to reduce that cost. All types of organizations stand to benefit from free wage subsidy programs, including the private or public sector or a not-for-profit organization.  
Remember, not all employers may be familiar with wage subsidy programs like IEYC.  But think of how good you’ll look when you can bring thousands of dollars in free funding to a potential employer!


Get a Job that Meets your Career Goals 

Wage subsidy programs can also help you find a great job, one that meets your needs and career goals. Many internship programs don’t allow interns to decide or control the job or company they are placed into. But with wage subsidy programs like IEYC, you can target the companies you want to work for. 
While it can be competitive and more work to secure your own environmental employment, your resume will look a lot better with a higher quality position that aligns with your personal career goals. Plus, its always good to practice your job searching and interview skills.
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