Benefits of Employer Branding

jennifer Bjorkman | June-21-10




The Alberta Job Centre posts about how employer branding can benefit the recruiting process. When the competition for talent in tight, what can an employer do to set themselves apart from everyone else looking to hire?

Here are five benefits of developing a strong employer brand:

  1. A strong employer brand can help your organization stand out. With the shift to fragmented workforces of small and mid-sized businesses, it can be challenging to recruit and retain employees, if you don’t have a consistent employer brand.
  2. Positioning your employer brand helps you attract and retain people who “fit”. With four generations in the workplace and a wide variance in employee motivations, a compelling employer brand can help you identify, attract and retain the right people.
  3. A great employer brand can help you stand out, even when you don’t have the resources to offer traditional benefits or salaries. Many people prefer to work for employers aligned with their values. A great employer brand can help you become an employer of choice.

  4. A distinct employer brand can streamline recruitment. By being clear about your organization’s values, goals and culture, you can avoid interviewing people who are out of sync with your organization. And you can increase applications from people who “fit”.
  5. Great people seek out great brands. The best potential employees may not be the ones applying to random job postings. Great people seek out great employers who represent opportunities to fulfill their goals, achieve their dreams and live their values. By building a great employer brand, you can compel great hires to seek you out – rather than waiting for a job opening to come up.

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Originally Posted in Alberta Job Centre, October 23, 2008.