BEAHR-ing it all: What BEAHR is all About

Angie - Test Knowles, | June-18-13


Guest Post by: Amanda Kemsley
BEAHR Training Programs, ECO Canada
Green jobs are the wave of the future. 
Over 682,000 workers out of Canada’s 16.9 million employed labour force spend 50% or more of their time on environmental activities (ECO Canada’s 2010 Profile of Canadian Environmental Employment). 
It comes as no surprise that many organizations require individuals with experience and skills in the environmental field, but where to begin? It is often difficult to find employees with the desired qualifications at a local level. Even entry level positions can be hard to fill. 
How can BEAHR Training Programs help?
ECO Canada’s BEAHR Training Programs offer seven community-based workforce training programs for Aboriginal communities across Canada. The goal of the programs are to provide individuals who are interested in pursuing environmental work  with the training and skills they’ll need for introductory level employment in the environmental sector. 
BEAHR Training Programs are nationally recognized and delivered across the country. The programs are designed to provide entry level skills in a short-term, employment-focused format. Blended with local knowledge, each training program focuses on practical, hands-on instruction with both formal and informal methods of learning.
The following training programs are available:

Workforce Training Programs

Environmental Monitoring (Research and/or Regulatory)
Environmental Site Assessment Assistant
Contaminated Sites Remediation Coordinator
Local Environmental Coordinator
Two-Day Land Use Planning Seminar
Land Use Planning Coordinator
Solid Waste Coordinator

Technician Training Programs (Combination of Workforce Training Programs)

Certificate of Applied Environmental Techniques
Certificate of Environmental Planning and Administration
Customizable Certificate
Each training program is delivered by a third-party trainer who has been licensed through ECO Canada. These training organizations also have a variety of instructors to coordinate the delivery of a program. A Licensed Trainer could be someone from a post-secondary institution, public or private environmental organization, consulting organization, Aboriginal community or a not-for-profit organization. There is no fee to become a Licensed Trainer and instructors are approved by ECO Canada. 
In addition to hosting a Licensed Trainer, companies have several other great opportunities to support the BEAHR Training Programs and Aboriginal communities. Employers can help support the communities they work in and by offering graduates employment opportunities, such as entry level positions or internships. 
Alternatively, providing on-the-job training for current employees can be an advantage to an organization. Skills development and ongoing training will help employees stay current on new techniques and procedures. 
Additionally, your company can get involved in the deliveries offered in your area, such as participating in presentations or offering a site tour that shares locally relevant knowledge to program students. 
If your company has already established relationships with communities, your company may have the capabilities to fund programs (full or partial). This could include funding an Aboriginal community to host a program delivery, lending field equipment or offering facilities for the training. 
There are many different ways your company can get involved with each delivery. Participation from local industry is essential to the delivery and outcome of each BEAHR Training Program.  
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