How Does a Greener Economy Impact Jobs? Myth vs. Reality

Angie - Test Knowles, | May-13-13


The last few months have been a busy time for our Research team as we complete a brand new series of employment studies.

These reports feature crucial stats about job demand, education, skills requirements, and salaries for different areas of environmental work, such as sustainability and green energy.
You’ve seen one of these reports so far in our new Careers in Sustainability study – more are to follow in the coming months.
Yet although this research focuses on individual environmental sub-sectors, there is no getting away from the fact that most of these sectors are highly interconnected. 
When we look at the top green job opportunities out there, we usually find the same careers in high demand across multiple sectors. They are all part of the larger green (or “greener”) economy, in which a wide-scale shift to sustainable practices, technologies and products creates new environmental jobs across all major industries, including those that are not traditionally considered “environmental.”   
Since Canada’s greening economy clearly drives important new employment opportunities, it is vital to know the true impact of this green shift. 
Are green jobs only growing in new industries, such as renewable energy or green manufacturing? Do green employers prefer highly specialized, technical expertise? What’s going on with established environmental industries – can you still find jobs in them?
We found the answers to these questions and more in our recent report, The Green Jobs Map. See them here and find out which green economy “facts” are actually myths in the infographic below!
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Green Economy Jobs: Myth vs. Fact - ECO Canada
Have you come across any other common misconceptions about the green or greener economy? Share your experience below!

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