Aboriginal Training - Want to make the most of your Land?

Janelle Pagnucco | January-24-13


A Two-Day Land Use Planning Seminar is now available for Aboriginal communities across Canada.

BEAHR Training Programs
The new highly informative Two-Day Land Use Planning Seminar is a great opportunity for Aboriginal communities to enhance their knowledge of creating a sustainable land use plan, within a timeframe that is optimal for professional development. One of the students of the new two-day seminar commented that,

“It is a good course and relevant to what planners need for developing land use policies.”

BEAHR Training Programs, in partnership with Watertight Solutions Limited, a licensed trainer through ECO Canada, recently developed the Two-Day Land Use Planning (LUP) Seminar based off of the four-week Land Use Planning Coordinator training program developed as part of ECO Canada’s Aboriginal training initiative. The seminar is designed to provide an overview of the land use planning process at an introductory level for students with grade 10+ education. Seminar topics are balanced with student participation which facilitates a strong learning environment.

Land use planning and implementation are a top priority for many communities across Canada and a major part of economic development initiatives. This training program gives those new to land use planning, and those already working in the Lands Department, further knowledge and insight on how to create a successful plan for their community.

Communities in Saskatchewan took the program as part of a pilot project on land use planning for economic development. The course was instructed with the goal of teaching the basics of land use planning through exercises, hands on activities, networking and collaborating with others. One of the program graduates, currently working as an Implementation Officer, said that the program benefits decision makers in communities:

“This course would be great for all First Nations Chief and Councils in Saskatchewan.”

Earlier in the month, the course was delivered to Land Managers from a community in Alberta. Both deliveries were well received and overall the students were pleased with the key outcomes.

The Two-Day LUP Seminar is designed to teach students how to set up and complete a land use plan, and the importance of an implementation plan in order to ensure success. Overall, the goal of the seminar is to heighten the awareness and knowledge of community representatives in order to promote environmental protection and economic sustainability.

If your community is interested in hosting a Two-Day LUP Seminar, in learning more about other Aboriginal training programs, or in becoming a licensed trainer to deliver the program, please contact us at beahr@eco.ca.

Looking for a longer, more comprehensive Aboriginal Environmental Training Program?

Consider one of six environmental training programs for Aboriginal communities. These are short-term, employment focused programs that provide students the skills and knowledge to work in the environmental field at an assistant level. All programs include in-class instruction as well as field experience. You can also combine the Two-Day LUP Seminar with other training programs. Check out Aboriginal training information on our website or contact us for more information.