4 Green Jobs You've Never Thought About

jennifer Bjorkman | June-14-10

Some green jobs you never even know about

By GreenJobsReady.com

There are hundreds of types of green jobs that are available. People get far too caught up on just one or two types such as alternative energy, and forget or overlook all the other green careers that are available to them. Keep your mind open and be creative! Here are just a few ideas for those of you looking for something a little different.


Being a conservationist means that you help the government or landowners figure out how to protect the environment. This includes keeping track of what is going into the air, water, and the ground. As a conservationist you can help raise officials' awareness of pollution in their area or how the ecological balance can be protected. You may be asked to find ways to do this in the most inexpensive way possible.

These green jobs generally require at least a Bachelor's degree. Agriculture, environmental science, natural resource management, ecology, or biology are common degrees people get if they want to get one of these green careers.


Being a geoscientist is very much what it sounds like. You are a scientist who studies the earth, such as its structure, composition, physical aspects, and basically how it works. These scientists commonly help other scientists learn more about the environment, how to protect it, and how to fix what damage has been done to it. These green jobs require a Master's degree in a field such as earth science or geology.

Regional Planner

Those who have green careers as regional planners work hand in hand with developers and the community. They help communities figure out what the best ways to use space and resources is, while keeping growth and future change in mind. If you would love knowing that you helped to shape your community and make it a good place for the present and future, this would be a great job for you. A Master's degree in regional planning is generally required.

Landscape Architects

Green jobs like this also affect the community and how it is formed. They help design many important areas in the community, such as schools, parks, malls, and golf-courses. If you get a job like this, you would be responsible for making sure that the areas you work on are made to be functional and great to look at, while still being environmentally friendly.

The best features of all these jobs are the salary and the fact that you are helping the environment.  To obtain one of these great environmental careers you need to be green job ready, which includes going to school to obtain a renewable energy certification or an environmental degree. Once you have your degree or certification, you can get a job in a field you are passionate about and be paid well for your efforts to improve the world we live in.

For more information on environmental occupations, their salaries, and their educational requirements, visit the Occupational Profiles.

To gain the skills you need to enter these careers, register for the Certificate, Bachelor or Master online programs at the Canadian Centre for Environmental Education.


Originally published on GreenJobsReady.com on February 23, 2010