Mapping Out for Success with Land Use Planning Training

Janelle Pagnucco | September-25-12

Planning your land for its future

Land use planning and developing local strategies for implementation are a top priority for many Aboriginal communities across Canada. It is a major part of economic development initiatives and with it comes the need to engage and educate individuals. BEAHR Training Programs’ Land Use Planning course gives the next generation a clear idea of how to develop a plan locally in order to achieve an independent and sustainable future.

The Saik'uz First Nation in British Colombia is one example of a community who took training into consideration when planning for their future. Together with Carrier Sekani Tribal Council (CSTC), a licensed trainer through ECO Canada and BEAHR Training Programs, they hosted the first successful intake of BEAHR’s Land Use Planning training program.

For the students, the land use planning program provided the opportunity to gain field experience to increase their knowledge of creating a sustainable land use plan for their community. This program also helped participants add value to their resume:

“I’ve gained skills and knowledge to help increase my chance of gaining employment and to expand on my natural resources management knowledge” 
– Christina Ciesielski, student

Land Use Planning StudentsThe objectives of the training are to teach students the following:

  • The requirements of a land use plan,
  • The skills necessary to complete a land use plan, and
  • The need to follow up with an implementation plan in order for the land use plan to be successful. 

Overall, the goal is to heighten the awareness and knowledge of community representatives to promote environmental protection and economic development.

At the Saik'uz First Nation, the eight graduates learned not only how to identify and asses land use options for their land but learned how to develop a community vision and goal.

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