Are You Being Paid What You’re Worth?

Janelle Pagnucco | September-18-12

Compensation Centre - ECO Canada

Are you being paid fairly in your current role? Are your salary expectations realistic? Are you prepared to negotiate your salary during a performance appraisal or job interview?

How can salary surveys help you?

  1. Find out if you are being paid fairly in your current role.
  2. Make informed career decisions.
  3. Be prepared when negotiating your salary during a performance appraisal.
  4. Answer the question “What are your salary expectations?” realistically during the job seeking process.

Accurate and credible salary information is very valuable to professionals at any level.

Whether you are planning for the future, climbing the corporate ladder, or looking for a change, salary information allows you to make informed career and education decisions. For professionals, accessing data on salary comparisons is vital in ensuring that one is getting paid fairly. It also arms individuals with the ability to compare job offers, negotiate salary with new or existing employers, or answer the standard interview question — “What are your salary expectations?”

Where Can I Find Salary Information?

The best way to find salary information is through a salary survey. This resource is an effective way to find average salaries within specific industries, regions, and/or positions. It will provide you with average salary statistics based on certain parameters, allowing you to apply the results directly to your own situation.

It is clear that salary is one of the most important factors in considering a job opportunity or overall engagement with a current employer. According to the 2011 Professional Engagement Study: What Motivates Environmental Employees, key drivers of employee engagement include being treated fairly and having proper recognition for performance. 

This is why salary surveys are equally important to companies. Employers use salary surveys to determine fair compensation for employees. It is important for them to know where employee salary and compensation expectations stand when it comes to attracting and retaining talent. If employers place this level of importance on understanding accurate compensation data, so should professionals.

Who Offers Environmental Specific Salary Information?

ECO Canada’s salary survey is the first environmentally focused compensation tool in Canada. The Compensation Centre offers continuously updated salary and benefit information, and can be accessed at any time by industry stakeholders with the purchase of an annual subscription.

It is now available at no cost to all certified Environmental Professionals (EP) and Environmental Professionals in Training (EPt) in good standing.

Are You an EP? Compare your salary today:

  1. Login to your certification account, click the Member tab, and proceed to the Salary Survey tab.
  2. Enter the information requested on the Salary & Bonus tab, and click Save.
  3. Click the Reporting tab, and view industry averages based on the information you provided.

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Did you know that Environmental Heath & Safety Technicians earn an average salary of $86,500/year or that Ecologists have an average starting salary of $66,000/year?