Environmental Employer Spotlight: Remediation Consulting Group

Julie Checknita, Employer Services | March-07-12


Retaining through Engaging

ECO Canada is excited to share the outstanding employee engagement and HR practices of Remediation Consulting Group Inc. (RCGI), an environmental consulting firm specializing in environmental site assessment, soil/groundwater remediation and site reclamation in Western Canada.


ECO Canada interviewed RCGI to learn about what makes this dynamic organization unique.

How would you describe the company’s corporate culture and values?

RCGI is responsive to the identification of needs within the organization and recruits the brightest talent to enhance corporate performance and is committed to supporting employees to fulfill their potential through mentoring, professional development and encouraging a work/life balance within a dynamic workplace environment.

Our personnel are dedicated, motivated professionals, who are encouraged to take responsibility for their projects, their team of colleagues, their respective clients and their careers.
RCGI encourages interaction between employees and management and fosters a collaborative atmosphere where our talented group can share knowledge and ideas.  Our current corporate structure is relatively flat, and this greatly increases knowledge sharing and mentoring.

What makes your company unique from others in the industry?

RCGI embraces emerging technologies in the field of remediation and successfully employs them to get the best and most accurate results to meet the high expectations of our clients.

Our reputation for high quality work has enabled us to grow a strong client base in the Alberta upstream oil and gas industry.  Our knowledge base is sought after and our talent reflects that. Through mentoring and employee training programs, RCGI aims to develop well-rounded employees with experience in multiple project types. Employees are encouraged to find their niche and given the choice to specialize in a certain area (such as groundwater or soils) or to become generalists in the field or office. 

Communication is a key component to the organization with support staff being encouraged to explore the technical work undertaken in order to develop practical knowledge of the industry and company services.

What type of environment does the company want to create for its employees?  How is this being done?

We take our work seriously, but want to retain the talent we have and strive to engage them in the company as it grows, acknowledging that everyone plays a critical role in the company’s success.

The goal is to create an environment where employees will not just be productive, but will feel productive, and participate in measuring the success of our projects. Due to the unprecedented growth within the organization in recent years, we are in the process of procuring new office space for both our Calgary and Edmonton locations.  We surveyed our employees asking what they would like to see in the new offices and moved forward with an unconventional space incorporating a number of relaxation and break out areas to create an environment that we hope will be fun, collaborative, functional and professional.

How does your company encourage increased employee engagement, and how does this contribute to the overall performance of your workplace?

RCGI employees benefit from a ‘learn and work’ atmosphere. Employees are encouraged to share ideas and knowledge and given opportunities for training and professional development through our Education Spending Account as well as in-house training, regular webinars and lunch-and-learns.

At our recent AGM we asked for employee input as to what would make RCGI an even better place to work, and are currently researching incentives such as an employee ownership program.  The organization is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our clients and employees and everyone has opportunities to make suggestions and identify needs, resulting in improved organizational support. 

What have been the company’s greatest success stories?

Our growth, our constant evolution, and the continued development of our employees.

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