3 Skills Green Businesses Need Now

Stephanie Warthe | February-22-12
Key skills that green businesses are looking for

Guest Post: by Rhea Castillo

Several shifts are occurring in the skill and knowledge expectations for workers in the green economy. With the quick pace of technological advancements, the growth of the green economy has placed a heavier emphasis on technical competence, as green employees are required to work with increasingly complicated technological systems.

According to ECO Canada's recent environmental study titled Defining the Green Economy, businesses have identified 3 green skill gaps that are needed in the environment industry:  

Technological ChangeTechnological Change

The lightening-speed evolution of technology requires people who can:

1) Adapt to new methods
2) Apply new methods to existing practices
3) Understand the relevance of certain technologies

For the latest developments in envirotech, also known as cleantech or greentech, visit Green Techno Log.

Knowledge of Sustainable Development

Knowledge of sustainable development and green practices is important. The lack of people with this background is blaringly apparent across all levels of business, and as such, may require further environmental training or education. Green businesses need people who think green and can lead a workforce’s adoption of green practices. Carbon trading and environmental finance are areas businesses are particularly in the dark about.

Interdisciplinary ThinkersInterdisciplinary Thinkers

Big-picture thinkers who thoroughly grasp green issues and their importance across disciplines or departments are, and will continue to be, key players in the green economy.

As emphasized in Defining the Green Economy, “As the green economy continues to evolve, greater pressures will be placed on interdisciplinary cooperation, including a greater level of understanding of the relationships between business areas interacting with each other”.

Are you a member of the green economy? How are you addressing these green skill gaps? What green skills do you bring to the table?