Are Employees in the Environmental Sector More Motivated than Most?

Angie - Test Knowles, | December-02-11


Employee engagement is a crucial element of any organization’s long-term success, but developing strategies to elicit this engagement is not always easy or straightforward. What factors contribute to a work environment where employees are motivated to contribute their best?
To address this question, ECO Canada recently completed a major study on the key drivers and attributes of engagement amongst environmental employees. In contrast to previous research, this project went one step beyond simply measuring the engagement of environmental workers to also comparing these results to the engagement levels of the general Canadian workforce. 
The results were remarkable. 
Compared to 64% of workers in the overall Canadian labour force, 78% of environmental employees were engaged. This meant that these workers were more likely to:
Do more than what was normally required for their jobs
Feel that their contribution was valued by their employer 
Recommend their employer as a good place to work.
A greater percentage of environmental employees also fell into the “Committed” category of engagement, in which they were both fully engaged and planned to stay with their current employer for three years or longer. While 40% of average Canadian workers fit this profile of a “Committed” employee, it was applicable for 49% of professionals in the environmental sector.
Overall, these results highlight the strong appeal of working in an environmental career. This sector presents unique work opportunities where employees are typically proud of the work they do and motivated to put in an extra effort. 
While the overall engagement of environmental workers is high compared to the national norm, there are still several areas that environmental employers can focus on to improve their employees’ motivation. The soon-to-be-published 2011 Professional Engagement study uncovered a number of surprising insights that can help employers, including four different engagement “types,” key factors that affect employee motivation, and the way that company size can determine which engagement strategies will work best. 
Watch this blog for coverage of these engagement topics, and visit our Publications page in the coming weeks for an upcoming summary of the report’s highlights.
What motivates you to work your best? How do you motivate your team?