Environmental Employer Spotlight: Esak Consulting

Julie Checknita, Employer Services | November-30-11



ECO Canada is pleased to spotlight Esak Consulting, a progressive environmental consulting company based in Edmonton, Alberta.

Founder and Senior Soil Scientist, Lynette Esak, MSc, P.Ag, EP, followed her passion to create Esak Consulting Ltd. in hopes of enhancing the value of the environment for future generations. Growing up on a farm, Lynette was exposed to the operations of the environment her whole life and believes for one to be successful in this high-paced field, one must have a grounded understanding of the environment based on real experience.

ECO Canada caught up with Lynnette to learn more about Esak Consulting and about what makes this dynamic organization unique.


How would you describe the company’s corporate culture and values?

Esak Consulting’s values are focused on client satisfaction, teamwork, professional development, a healthy balanced lifestyle and flexibility. Esak Consulting provides a supportive atmosphere with emphasis on mentoring, teamwork and opportunities for personal and professional development. 


How does your company encourage employee engagement and how does this contribute to the overall performance of your workplace?

Esak Consulting provides professional development and training opportunities and helps employees to recognize their strengths and build upon them.

There is an open communication system where employees are given the opportunity to provide input at all project stages, thus achieving employee buy-in and empowerment.

Each employee is encouraged by the company to voice their opinions and ideas, organize meetings and develop and/or conduct presentations on safety, projects and innovative ideas. This type of encouragement allows employees to be open, get involved and contribute to company goals. This enhances employees’ confidence, happiness, efficiency and effectiveness increase, which contributes to the overall performance of the workplace.


What makes Esak Consulting unique?

Our small company size lends to flexibility and cost effectiveness as resources can be brought in as they are required; strategic alliances, diversity of projects; small size equals personal familiarity with our clients, and high accountability.

Being a smaller corporation, allows for a family atmosphere in a business setting.  As a company, we are a closer knit group, and therefore have a greater appreciation for each and every personality.  This also allows for a greater co-operation in finding solutions to different situations.


What has been one of the company’s greatest success stories?

One of our company’s greatest successes has been that we have been able to grow from a one-person operation to a small company with a beautiful office in downtown Edmonton.

Our goals of client satisfaction, partnership with government to secure approvals/project success and personal passion for our environmental work drives us to be the best we can be as a boutique that specializes in reclamation and remediation environmental regulatory management.

A few noteworthy benefits Lynnette mentioned as we wrapped up the interview was the office daycare, roof top patio, pet policy (well behaved dogs are allowed in the office) and employee access to personal training. As Lynette described these perks and the process in which she and her colleagues came up with the answers to the above questions, the passion and unity that exists at Esak Consulting was clear.