Best Employer Practices: What’s Your Perspective?

Angie - Test Knowles, | September-30-11



Best Employer Practices - ECO Canada



In this posting, I wanted to steer in a bit of a different direction by opening up more space for your own observations, feedback and tips. Several of the recent comments that readers have posted have been both very insightful and valuable, which I think ultimately demonstrates the blog’s potential to serve as an open forum for exchanging great ideas.

Over the last few weeks, a number of our blogs have focused on what best practices allow employers to maximize employee engagement, from maladaptive strategies that could actually undermine employee motivation, to those that are tailored to meet the needs of two different types of environmental employees.

As an interesting additional note, the 2010 Profile of Canadian Environmental Employment developed a list of the top four employer practices that were effective for all employees. These four engagement strategies included: better benefits, management feedback tools, strong HR department policies and strong leadership from management. Conversely, several practices were consistently less successful. Some of these less effective strategies included providing ownership options to employees, retention training for managers and unexpected rewards.

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While these various findings are thought-provoking, how do they compare to your own experiences?

For those of you who are employees, what are the benefits and overall engagement strategies that matter the most to you?

For those of you who are employers, what engagement practices work the most effectively for your company?