Top 3 Benefits of Volunteering

Chantel Sciore, Professional Services | August-29-11

Benefits of Volunteering

Want to try something new, take on a challenge or network? Volunteering may be the answer for you! Check out the top benefits of giving back time to your community and where you can find volunteer positions.


Challenge yourself

One of the great things about volunteering is that that the possibilities are endless so you can push your boundaries without pushing your budget. The range of opportunities means you can also choose the amount time and effort you invest. For example you could lend a couple of hours at an event to bring awareness to an environmental issue or you could organize the whole thing! It is all up to you. For some examples check out the impact that ECO Canada’s scholarship winners had in their community.


Release your inner rock star

You don’t have a degree in agriculture but you love the idea of sustainable gardens, so why not volunteer at a community garden?  Volunteering can be a fun, hands-on experience that balances out your daily routine and re-integrates activities you are passionate about into your life. Volunteering can also lead you to try something entirely new which may reveal a hidden talent or give you new perspective on your abilities. It is a great means to discovering and developing skills which can help you get your first job, improve your salary, or get a promotion. Or if you aren’t currently working in the environmental industry but are interested in the field, it can give you the insight you need before you decide to make the transition.


Gain valuable contacts

Networking can provide both inspiration and support. Connections with like-minded people are valuable resources that you can benefit from throughout the entirety of your career. If you are a recent graduate, it can open doors by linking you with potential employers. If you are in an entry level position, you can gain a mentor to help guide you to the next stage of your career. If you are a senior staff in your organization you can gain insight on new trends and build business partnerships. Volunteering brings diverse people together, and through working collectively to attain one goal you will gain lasting relationships both professional and personal.


How to get involved

If you are interested in volunteering but not sure where to start, there are plenty of internet sites such as Volunteer Canada that can help lead you to something that suits your lifestyle and your schedule. ECO Canada also offers a number of environment specific volunteer opportunities.


Tell us about your favorite environmental volunteer position, or about any volunteer vacancies you know of in our comments section below.