Greetings! : Introducing ECO Canada’s Research Blog

Angie - Test Knowles, | July-15-11





Welcome to ECO Canada's Research Blog!


Welcome to ECO Canada’s new research blog! As a recent recruit to the research team, I’m excited to start contributing to our growing collection of blogs about careers in the environmental sector. Since the research blog is a new subject category to the present list, there are a couple of key goals that will shape this blog’s focus and direction. These are to:


1.) Provide an insider view of recent and ongoing research at ECO Canada

Each year, we publish multiple studies on labour market information in the Canadian environmental sector. These reports provide valuable, up-to-date insights into a wide range of labour market issues, from overall trends in the development of the Green Economy to the characteristics of post-secondary environmental education programs in Canada.


In looking at the list of recent research projects, it’s hard not to feel both impressed, but also a little overwhelmed—where do you start with so much information? This blog is a response to that feeling of information overload, with the central goal of providing accessible and engaging highlights from some of our current research projects.


2.) Explore larger environmental sector trends and issues

As a complement to our existing blogs on essential human resources and career-related tips, this blog will incorporate a slightly different approach and focus on overall developments in the environmental sector. Consequently, we will look at some of the major changes, ideas and discussions surrounding such topics as the green economy, green jobs and the historical evolution of the environmental sector.


Whether you are an employer, a practicing professional or a job seeker, keeping abreast of some of these “bigger picture” movements in the environmental field is absolutely essential. Here’s one of the places to do just that!


3.) Create an opportunity for discussion and debate

This is the most important goal of the blog. Our intention is not to simply present a series of stand-alone facts and figures, but to open a forum for discussion and exchange. As a result, each blog will include several conversation-starter questions and lots of space for comments.


Please don’t hesitate to share your own observations and ideas! Since the environmental sector is a rapidly growing and continually evolving area, these points of information-sharing and discussion are invaluable.


Future Directions: What are some research areas and ideas that you would be interested in learning more about?