How a Sense of Urgency Can Drive Hard Work and Success

jennifer Bjorkman | November-08-10


Guest Post by Melissa Iozzo, Triumvirate Environmental

A common trait among highly successful employees at Triumvirate Environmental is a sense of urgency. This trait is directly related to success and growth, both in corporate and personal fields. Unfortunately, this sense of urgency decreases as a person becomes more comfortable, and younger generations are becoming complacent earlier in life.

To attract personal success and respect from a peer group at a company such as Triumvirate, there are a few simple steps you can take everyday:


  1. Set a challenging goal. A challenging goal creates a sense of urgency - this will inspire you to work harder to achieve it! Your goal should be specific so you can know for sure whether you have accomplished it - and give yourself enough time to achieve it! This can be as simple as arriving first at the office, grabbing the paperwork and pulling the truck in - impress and motivate your team and it will inspire them to work harder as well.
  2. Set a challenging deadline. These simple or "normal" goals sometimes need a little something extra to motivate you to complete them - so push yourself to finish faster. Think big picture! Know your accounts; know your account specific goals. It's so simple! For example, if you are working at a lump sum account, give yourself a set amount of hours to work there per day to achieve maximum GP while also achieving maximum efficiency within your routine! If you are on a larger job give yourself a set of deadlines for small tasks - make sure you are always working, always doing something whether it be manifesting, labeling, or even sweeping to keep pushing everyone forward to meet your deadline.
  3. Accountability is key. Tell other people your goals - don't keep them to yourself. This will give you that extra kick of motivation because you won't want to let others or yourself down. Other team members will keep you motivated and in turn, you will motivate them! Get everyone on a job / account on the same page - strive for the same things and you will find yourselves not only working harder and better, but more as a team.
  4. If you start to get comfortable - don't. If you are getting close to achieving your goals within your deadline don't fall into the trap of accepting comfort and slowing down. This is where great jobs fall apart. Be quick to set new small goals to keep you motivated and going strong. Keep moving, keep working, don't stop and you will succeed.
    5.Commit and follow through. Even if you set your goals early on, and continue to accomplish them as the day goes by, and keep on your toes; things can still fall apart at the end of it all. Be sure to finish what you start, whenever possible. If something can't be completed, communicate the urgency of the situation! The key is to drive others to work just as hard as you do, so that the company can function as a well oiled machine producing the best results possible!


I urge you to take the challenge to become a top notch, goal-oriented team player with a profound sense of urgency. You will increase your productivity, move up the ranks, earn respect and responsibility from your peers and coworkers, and gain a sense of accomplishment and personal success.


Originally published on Triumvirate Environmental, on August 10, 2009


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