Hiring the Right Employer

jennifer Bjorkman | June-20-11

Hiring the right employer job search ECO Canada

A recent article by The Globe and Mail titled, Finding the Right Fit in an Employer, discussed the importance of finding the RIGHT employer and key tips to help jobseekers do just that. Not only is it essential to present yourself in the best light at an interview, but interviewing your employer is said to be just as important to ensure the best fit for both you and your new company.

The article highlights how remarkable it is that so many people interview with companies that are completely wrong for them, noting no matter how desirable it is to be back on salary or in a high profile position, if candidates accept a job that is the wrong fit – they will soon enough be back on the market again.

Offering great advice to ensure the best fit when searching for that dream job, The Globe and Mail suggests the following tips for jobseekers:

• Interview yourself first
• Choose your targets
• Prepare your elevator speech
• Look at the people
• Don’t fool yourself into thinking it’s a good fit
• Trust your gut
• Know thyself – what do you have to offer?

What do you think?!

How important is it to interview your employer? What are the right factors to take into account when considering a new job opportunity – and what seals the deal?