Discover Empowerment in Your Professional Life – Listen in

jennifer Bjorkman | April-18-11


Tune In


Tune in to the second chapter of discovering empowerment in your professional life, as one of ECO Canada’s HR Experts, Craig Dowden is interviewed on the impact of happiness in the workplace. The first instalment in the radio interview series addressed a new way to look at New Year’s resolutions.


This time, Craig discusses “The Power of Purpose” and the impact it has on work lives.

Click here to listen to the interview on ez ROCK 99.7.


Part of this interview focuses on the research project conducted by André Filon and Associates Inc. with almost 300 working professionals, the majority from Ottawa, who kindly volunteered to share their work-life experiences.

Download a copy of the white paper that is based on this research entitled “What’s Your Calling?”  Although “calling” has previously evoked a religious sentiment, the term has been applied more recently to our working lives. The white paper outlines the most recent research that suggests that “doing what you were meant to do” may be a critical factor in achieving personal and career success.