Need Professional Development? Meet CCEE Grads!

jennifer Bjorkman | March-28-11


Do you want to transition into an environmental career, or update your credentials? Looking for professional development to further your career in the environment?  The Canadian Centre for Environmental Education (CCEE) offers a distance based Certificate or Master in Environmental Practice. Find out how this training helped two graduates from the program:


Juan Gimon, Graduate

For Juan Gimon, a newcomer to Canada, taking the CCEE certificate was about getting a Canadian education credible to industry employers, and learning the correct English terminology for his background in remediation and reclamation.

"I was taking an environmental certificate at Ryerson University, and one of my classmates mentioned ECO Canada and its certificate. I dropped what I was doing at Ryerson, and enrolled in the CCEE because of its 10 concentrations", says Gimon.

The Environmental Scientist and Engineer, believes the program helped him learn information about Canadian Legislation and Regulations, an essential component for his job. He also adds that the CCEE helped with the interview process upon graduation, because it "helped me manage all the jargon environmentalists use."

Gimon, a graduate of the CCEE in 2009, now works with Terrapex Environmental Ltd in Toronto, Ontario.


Angie Whetung, Graduate

“I liked the format of the distance learning, and that you could have conversations with others in the field from afar,” says Angie Whetung regarding the CCEE courses.

The graduate with a background in Analytical Chemical Testing and Biology was recently employed as a Coordinator of Professional Service Contracts, working with Consultants in Engineering, Architectural, Mechanical and Structural Design projects.

While reflecting her past experience in the Certificate program, Whetung says it met her expectations, and is beneficial because it shows employers your “determination and devotion to self improvement to be current and forward thinking.”

She believes having further education keeps her up to date with practices in the field and relevant topics.

Whetung currently works in Vancouver Island, British Columbia.