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jennifer Bjorkman | August-30-10


Dream Job


By GreenJobsReady.com


Alternative energy careers are suited for those people who possess a large variety of skills and a deep desire to help the world become more environmentally friendly. These are dream green jobs not only because they provide a valuable career but also help the world as a whole through the production of alternative energies.

Environmental health and safety job (EHS) are in high demand in bother the public and private sectors. Companies and governmental organization of all sizes are looking to employ EHS professionals. EHS workers are a necessity at many companies because they are required to employ EHS workers making their job security strong.

Environmental engineering jobs provide vast opportunities in the many areas that comprise the protection of the environment. The major categories are controlling pollutants in the air and water as well as hazardous waste and toxic material management. There is also the management of our supply of water through waste water, storm water and solid waste. Last there is the protection from radiation, management of land and public health issues. On top of that all these categories break down in to smaller sub-categories or specialties.

Environmental policy jobs can be found largely within the governmental sector. The government employs the largest amount of people in this career field. Private businesses also needs professionals trained in environmental policy to be sure that they are complying with the policies local and federal government create.

Environmental non-profit jobs carry a great deal of competition because there just are not as many of them as there are in other sectors. The pay for non-profit work may be lower than in the government or private sectors but the stability and job satisfaction can more than make up for it.

Before starting your environmental job search you need to think about not only what interests you and what your skills are but how it is you wish to impact the protection of the earth. You need to have a green career plan with goals first for education, then for landing a job and finally for advancing. There are a variety of publications concerning the environment that have job postings. Not only will you see what jobs are out there and get career advice but also keep up to date on the latest developments in the alternative energy career field.

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Originally posted on GreenJobsReady.com on January 20, 2010